Contents: Media, democracy and development      
2008. Mainstreaming communications in development. (ppt) Presentation to Oxfam workshop. Pretoria, 9 October

Problematizing UNESCO’s indicators. (ppt)Presentation to conference “Building capacity for media development”, Africa Regional Forum for Media Development, Rhodes University, 7 September 2008.

Relations between the Media and State structures on communication issues and prospects for the digital future. Presentation (ppt) at seminar “Connecting with the media, 2008”, Port Elizabeth, 5 September. 2008

Problematizing media development. (ppt) Paper presented to annual convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Chicago, 9 August, 2008.

The politics of reporting poverty statistics in South Africa: anatomy of a media debate. Paper presented at 26th conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research, “Media and Global Divides”, panel on “Challenges for African media and communication research”, July 25. 2008

(with Fackson Banda). How to assess your media landscape. 2008. (Global Forum for Media Development)

What ails (in)sight? Presentation on panel: “A FAILURE OF (IN)SIGHT?: Re-imagining global discourses and public policies on development, poverty, literacy, ICT, media and education from developing country contexts”, in Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) conference. Vancouver, 1 June 2008

“Africa Free to Access Information”
. Keynote speech to Media Freedom Day event, convened by the organising committee for World Press Freedom Day, made up of six Zambian media organisations, and arranged by the Press Freedom Committee of “The Post”, Lusaka, 26 April.

The poverty of journalism and the politics of reporting poverty statistics in South Africa. Article accepted for publication in Nordicom Journal. (pre-publication version)

How the Internet Impacts on International News: Exploring Paradoxes of the Most Global Medium in a Time of ‘Hyperlocalism’. Accepted for publication in International Communication Gazette. (pre-publication version)

Draft position paper for Sanef on spies and the media, April 2007.

Draft position paper (with Jeanne Prinsloo) on media literacy (rather than censorship), April 2007.

Submission to SA parliament on Film & Publications Amendment bill (October 2006)

Peer Review for African Public Broadcasters, presentation to PBI conference, Maputo, 20-22 September, 2006

Contested media environments in SA: the making of communications policy since 1994. Paper for conference "After Apartheid", Cape Town, 11-12 August. Updated version - looking ahead, delivered Yale University, April 2007.

African Media Markets (ppt) and text version for workshop in Germany, 2007.

Is self-regulation the answer to the lacunae in regulation? 28 May, AIBD, Kuala Lumpur..

Reconciling Editorial Independence and Public Accountability Issues in Public Broadcasting Service: Editorial Policies at South African Broadcasting Corporation. Presentation and paper, Asia Media Summit 2005. May 9 - 11, 2005, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Values, the media and poverty. Presentation at annual conference of Caux initiatives for business and International Communications Forum, Panchgani, India. 18-22 November.

The Media are a Mess: why South African journalism is not doing its job. Speech, Winter School, National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, 5 July 2005.

SA Media Freedom Day 2005: Coming soon is the anniversary of the dark day when apartheid Justice Minister Jimmy Kruger’s outlawed three newspapers. Daily Dispatch 5 October.

Review, Francis Nyamnjoh. Africa’s Media: Democracy and the Politics of Belonging. (London & New York, Zed Books; Pretoria, Unisa Press). Journal of Southern African Studies, Volume 32, Number 3, September 2006; 642:644

Absent Voices, Missed Opportunities. Media silence on ICT policy issues in six African countries. Research commissioned by Catia. Linked: Media and policy. Presentation at Highway Africa conference, Reinforcing Journalism in the Information Society, Grahamstown. 13 Sept 2005

A report for Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung on the state of media freedom in SA.

Ethics and excuses: the scapegoating of Vusi Mona, Oct 1, 2004 (paper, ppt)

Challenges facing SA journalism (chapter for HSRC book): published version Current Challenges

Review of South Africa in 2003 for Misa annual book "So this is Democracy"

World Summit on Infomation Society (WSIS) (2003/4) 1 2 3

Chapter for Iziko museum catalogue on Ten Years of Democracy in SA; scorecard on media change in SA in Journal of Marketing; Answers to questions for Marketing Mix magazine on same topic.

Guidelines on confidential briefings (2003/4)

Media and Democracy Chair proposal, thanks speech (2003/4)

Aids and journalism (2004) paper, ppt

Papers on poverty and journalism 1 2 3 (2003/4)

Submission on SABC's Draft Editorial Policies, 12 June 2003.

SA National Editors Forum Comment on SABC Editorial Policies
, 13 June 2003.

A half-told story. Developing a research agenda into representation of poverty in the South African news media. Paper prepared for 2003 SACCOMM annual conference, Durban, 25-27 June.

Reporting our biggest problem. Presentation to Second Annual Metropolitan Eastern Cape Media Indaba, Fish River Sun, 6 June. (Powerpoint 1018kb)

African Union, Nepad and journalism - various articles and crits

Critical comments on coverage of The War - various articles

Mainstreaming media into the ICT-development debate

The journalism of poverty and the poverty of journalism (2003) Cape Town ICF conference, 8 April

Media’s impact on public policy: implications for civil society 2003 (powerpoint)

All change: environmental journalism meets the 21st century
Guy Berger. Paper prepared for IIC conference, Johannesburg 31 September 2002.

Media Content, Advertising and Circulation. Briefing document by Guy Berger, with research assistance from Andrew Kanyegerire
August 2002

Submission to Parliament on the Broadcast Amendment Bill, 19 September, 2002.

Reaping Bali's bitter harvest. Article in Sunday Independent and Sunday Tribune, 20 October, 2002.

Things come together, can the centre hold? Article for Bua, quarterly magazine for government communicators (2002)

Deepening media density: what South African freedom shows us.

Article for The Round Table, (2002).

More media for southern Africa? The place of politics, economics and convergence in developing media density (2002) Updated version published in Critical Arts (2004)

New media and development (2002)

What are the media preconditions for an election to qualify as being "free and fair"? (2002)

Media and democracy - thoughts (2001)

Liberal bias and journalistic orientation (2001)

Theorising the media-democracy relationship in African conditions (2000)
Grave new world? Democratic journalism enters in the global 21st century (1999).

African journalism training in an age of globalization and the Internet.(Research proposal, 1999)

The role of broadcasting in the future - principles and policy (1998)

Response to Broadcasting Green Paper (1998)

So this is democracy? Review of press freedom in SADC countries during 1998

 Accountability of the media to society - reality or myth? (1997)   
 International experience: government communication and the media (1995)

Developers and communication in South Africa (1995)

Environment and media: a different kind of tango (1994)