The role of broadcasting in the future - principles and policy
Presentation to Broadcasting Policy Colloquium
Kopanong Premier Protea Hotel, Benoni

      by Guy Berger, March 1998

The role of broadcasting in South Africa is integrally bound up with the role of the state, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. In this paper, the relation of the state to society forms the first level of analysis of the role of broadcasting. An understanding of principles and policy follows as the second level. The third level highlights specific state policies and recent historical trends. Within this contextual framework, many third level issues are relevant: various models for the future, the place and scope of the IBA and the SABC, and questions of national culture and funding. The continuing thread is that broadcasting policy should not be overly ambitious, and that the role of broadcasting itself should not be over-emphasised. A modest approach is more in keeping with constraints and complexities on the ground. The importance of research in policy formulation and evaluation is continuously underlined.            


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