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Highway Africa research paper Lwanga Mwilu

Highway Africa research paper Luke Reid

Highway Africa research paper Harriet McLea

Highway Africa research paper Nana Bonsu-Amoako

Highway Africa research paper Lynsey Chutel

Highway Africa research paper Xanthe Galanis

Highway Africa research paper - Mookho Makhetha

Ghana - Harriet McLea

Nigeria - Nana Bonsu-Amoako

Kenya - Luke Reid

Benin - Mookho Makhetha

DRC - Lynsey Chutel

Lwanga Mwilu - Senegal

Xanthe Galinis - Uganda

Essay: Media and democracy - Mookho Makhetha

Essay: Media and development - Luke Reid

Essay: State broadcasting - Lwanga Mwilu

Essay: New Media - Xanthe Galanis

Essay: Pan-African media - Harriet McLea

Essay: African media ethics - Lynsey Chutel

Essay: Representations of Africa - Nana Bonsu-Amoako

Course Outline (Hons): Reporting Africa 2008

Researching Highway Africa as a network 2007

Resource: Research template 2008

Resource: 50 years of African journalism (book)

Modernisation and Africa’s emerging engagement with the Information Society. Paper and presentation (7000KB) to conference "AfroGEEKS", May 19-22, Santa Barbara, 2005.

Resource: Media and xenophobia

Resource: Xenophobia (Nyamnjoh)

Resource: African identity

Resource: Media focus on Kenya and sms

Resource: Doing digital journalism in Africa

Resource: Nieman Reports on reporting Africa

Resource: AMDI summary

Resource: Stream report 1

Resource: Stream report 2

Resource: Polis report

Resource: AMDI: private media

Resource: African media markets

Resource: UNESCO African journ education

Resource: UNESCO African journ education first report

Resource: Public broadcasting and digital migration

Resource: Rwanda broadcast and genocide

Resource: Media & Conflict

Resource: Media & Culture

Resource: Margins to Mainstream: African ICT reporting comes of age.

Resource: Student work: ppt1 ppt2 ppt3

Debate on Nepad and the media (2003)

Nepad and media freedom (2002)

African Union, Nepad and journalism

Course outline (1999-2000)

Website of student work (1999)