Contents: MA and PDMM 04      
Course outline
Session 1: Defining policy (GB)
Session 2: Paradigms (GB)
Session 3: Policy cycle (Leo van Audenhove)
Session 4: Information society (GB)

Session 5a: Information society and industry (LvA)
Session 5b: reading: The digital divide: how to bridge the knowledge gap between North and South. (LvA)
Session 5c: Four fallacies of the information society (LvA)
Session 5d: IS policy in developing countries: SA's experience (LvA)

Session 6a: Information society critique (GB)
Session 6b: International communications and IS in the run-up to Wsis (LvA)

Session 7: Intro to Wsis (GB)
Session 8: Wsis - an participant's view (Chris Kabwato)

Session 9: Conceptualising convergence (GB)
Session 10: Theorising media-democracy in Africa (GB)
Session 11: Journalism in the 21st century (GB)