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2008:(With Elizabeth Barratt). The extraordinary editor. A handbook for South Africa media leaders. Johannesburg: South African National Editors Forum.
* Co- coordinator - research: Unesco Centres of excellence in African Journalism Schools:
2006 - Yahoo group discussion: Centres of excellence in African Journalism Schools
2007 - Project report: Criteria and indicators for quality journalism education in Africa and
Database on African journalism schools
2008 - First meeting report
2009 - Second meeting report.
* Co-ordinator: Unesco media law in 10 African countries
* Southern Africa oversight: Africa Media Development Initiative Research (AMDI) research
* Highway Africa books:
- 50 years of African journalism
- What the newsroom knows (2006) and online at Highway Africa
- From margins to mainstream: ICT policy reporting and online at Highway Africa(2006)
- Doing digital journalism and online at Highway Africa(2005)
- Absent voices, missed opportunities and cover, and online at Highway Africa (2005)
- Configuring convergence (2001)

 Highway Africa conference

Mondi print journalism awards

Fulbright interactive media project: Grahamstown Culture, A Living Stage , Ten Years On  
African Union online

Africa Media Matrix
- a new home for the Department

Tribute to Anthony Sampson

- training students as community media trainers (1990s)