The Online Future for the Commonwealth Press
Paper presented to Commonwealth Editors Forum, Rainbow Conference, Cape Town
      by Guy Berger, Oct 1996

Editors have too little vision, and too much operational control. That's the conclusion of a major report to the World Association of Newspapers (Fiej) by McKinsey and Company (1996). It is probably a conclusion with which many editors will readily concur. But if ever there was a time to pause from the daily grind and lift one's nose off the stone in order to focus on the future, that time is now. Precisely because history is stepping up its pace so rapidly, we need to back off and take stock of what's happening. I hope in this paper to do exactly this, and to try and make sense of where newspapers are headed in a time when two closely related developments are impacting everywhere: globalisation on the one hand, and new online media on the other.            


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