Perils of Powerpoint
"Power corrupts, but Powerpoint corrupts absolutely" - Paul Grabowitz, USC Berkeley
      by Guy Berger, June 2001

Ask a conference venue if they have Powerpoint available, and you often get the answer: "Sure, we've got lots of sockets." Ask a conference speaker if they've got a Powerpoint presentation, and you often get an even bigger misunderstanding.
     This BIG ERROR is that people think that using software makes you a presenter.      It's the same mistake as imagining that wordprocessing skills turn you into an author. Now, in the same confused vein, here's a FIVE POINT GUIDE to doing justice to the abuse of Powerpoint:

Design 1: Use the smallest font size possible, less than 26 point at least!.
Design 2: Squeeze in as much text on screen as you can.
Design 3: Use non-contrasting colours like green on white for low visibility.
Delivery 1: Pre-testing with a dummy run? That's only for softies.
Delivery 2: Look back at the projection screen as often as you can, (it's only the the audience you're turning your back upon).

Who says that communicators can't use new tech to communicate!