Appropriate curriculum design for teaching journalism at tertiary level
Paper presented at conference"Developments in Higher Education," Johannesburg
      by Guy Berger, May 1996

Curriculum design must be appropriate to journalism as an activity sui generis, and to that activity in contemporary South Africa. The curriculum needs to be located in terms of other subjects journalism students might
or should study. Within journalism itself, multiple medium skills and a foundation in writing are recommended. Teaching should
concentrate on prioritising editorial skills and place the purely technical in this context. In addition to production skills, journalism studies, media studies and communication studies, centred on journalism as an activity, should be part of the curriculum. The theory practice dichotomy must be replaced by a curriculum which ensures that academic skills and knowledge are linked with journalistic skills. Academy industry relations are encouraged, and an integrated mix of teachers is recommended. Current curricula must target black students especially, and provide for working journalists and youth. The journalism curriculum is never final and must be continuously revised by journalism educators who themselves undergo continuous learning.             


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