Contents: Alternative media      
Submission by SA National Editors Forum to Parliament, about Media Development and Democracy Bill (2002) (compiled by Guy Berger, edited Mathatha Tsedu)

Submission to Parliamentary Committee on Media Development and Democracy Agency bill ((2002)

Drum: a review of the writing (2001)

Publishing for the people: the alternative press 1980 - 1999.(2000)

Review article: Press time - black publishing then and now (1998)

Towards 2000: Independent media in southern Africa (1997)

Viability of community papers (1997) 

What is community media? (1996)

The Alternative Press - private and community newspapers and news agencies. (1996)

Developers and Communication in South Africa (1995)

Grahamstown community river (1996)    
What criteria for measuring diversity? (1993)

Arm, empower, mobilise - The Other Press Service journal (1993)