Happy Acres
April 2002

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Caption: Front row: Neil Butcher ?, Tommy Hayden Smith, Linda Butcher, Amanda
English, ?, Ian Samson
Back: Mike or Jon, Roy brown, ?, Pat Klepp (Ian Mitchell behind), ?, ? ?,
Francis Moodie.

Liz Palthe comments:
Starting from the left chap with elbow in the air looks a bit like Mike Carides but not sure because he was never not elegant! could also be Jon Joanides but tjink not........?

In all white is Linda Butcher, now living in the UK. Peeping over Linda's shoulder is Pat Klepp, also have contact with her, she is living in Jhb and her sister Jackie lives in Rondebosch.

In front with the plaits is Amanda English, am not 100% sure. She lives in Rondebosch. At the back is Ian Mitchell, no doubt about that! He lives in the UK and came out to SA last July and spent an afternoon here with me at Bushtrail.

Blond-headed lad is Ian Samson, he lives in Jhb, his older brother Dennis is
somewhere in the States and have not had contact with him but if you want
to we can contact him via Ian or their sister Maureen. She sends her 2
children to camp regularly, James is about to enter the realm of junior
counsellor... ......am I getting old or WHAT??????!!!!!!!! The girl in the
scarf behind Ian S is Frances Moodie, she lives in Pretoria.

Maureen Samson and Alison Morgan